Kraut and Korn comes from the Eifel and makes exciting spice blends.

Our focus is on wild herbs. These exciting and surprising plants can enrich the kitchen far beyond rosemary, parsley and cilantro. Properly paired with classic spices and herbs, the result is unexpected and exciting flavor experiences.

However, we do not walk haphazardly through the forest and pluck what we like. Commercial wild herb collection is subject to very severe restrictions in Germany anyway.

Therefore, we obtain our ingredients from selected suppliers, some of whom grow them and some of whom source them from nearby countries.



natural, sustainable, homemade

With Kraut und Korn we want to convince not only with high quality, but also with unusual and surprising recipes. All this always as sustainable as possible.

That is why we donate or invest 10% of each glass sold in sustainable projects. We will see which ones in the near future, we are still looking. It goes without saying that our labels are printed on FSC paper and the outer packaging is made of recycled material

All ingredients are of natural origin and what does not belong in the glass, does not belong in the glass! (And isn’t in ours either). We do not play with ingredients that do not have to be declared, nor do we add anything that does not come from nature. Openness and transparency create trust.

Kraut und Korn is simply a lifelong dream. The dream of good spice blends that are easy to use The dream of good food. The dream of an entrepreneur today thinking of tomorrow as a matter of course and working for sustainability, the dream of not just giving the generation after us a helpless shrug of the shoulders in response when they accuse us of not having done anything, even though we knew what the state of our planet was.

And frankly, also the dream of owning your own business, free decisions and good music in the production kitchen and office.


Kraut und Korn


Only natural ingredients


We think about tomorrow!


Honest homemade


Who is actually the “we” at Kraut und Korn?


Hendrik Dockhorn

The “we” in Kraut und Korn is essentially an “I.” Hendrik Dockhorn, born 1981 in Westphalia. As a trained hotelier, I was introduced to the full variety of culinary arts and what can I say – we got along splendidly, the food and me. Having spent the years in Berlin, which were almost obligatory in my time, I took with me from there some of the most important people in my life.

My wife Jannine, with whom I moved to the Eifel – her home – and without whom the whole thing here would simply not be possible. Without their support, the angelic patience to listen to many stupid ideas and the boundless backing you would not be reading these words now.

My best friend Anne, who not only built the website you are on right now – and thus makes sure that you can read these words in a beautiful design – but also stands by your side with opinions, tough words if necessary, and always an open ear.

So, now you have a little insight into who composes your herbs and spices, fills them, glues the jars, writes the texts, takes the photos and cleans up everything afterwards. Okay, frankly, the latter is often my wife Jannine…

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