Seasoning Sensation

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Herbs for home-baked breads that add such intensity that you will never bake another bread without them…

65g each glass.

(10,61 Eur each 100g)

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Wild herbs for home-baked bread

You enjoy baking your own bread at home?

You want the ultimate flavour kick for your bread? Then why not try our Seasoning Sensation for bread which is a far cry from the usual caraway, aniseed and coriander additions.

In collaboration with the Wölkchenbäckerei bakery, our bread seasoning takes a different path – an intense and very flavourful one!

Our tip and favourite bread:

Dana’s Sunday loaf.


Ingredients: Parsley seeds, nettle seeds, blue fenugreek, ribwort, ground ivy

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130gr in bag, 65gr in jar

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