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Includes 7% Mehrwertsteuer
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13 wild herbs and plants refined with natural rock salt produce a perfect harmony of wild herbs as a baseline seasoning.

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Herbal salt with wild herbs

By law, anything calling itself an herbal salt must contain a minimum 17.5% of herbs.

Our Go Wild boasts 50%! Why, you wonder? Because it tastes better. Select wild herbs harmonise with rock salt to create a blissful baseline aroma. Less salt, more flavour. Flavour from herbs. Enjoy! And remember to check out our recipe tips that use Go Wild, like our crunchy Wild Herbs – Baguette.

Pure rock salt (50%), wild garlic, watercress, celery seeds, blackberry leaves, chives, nettle leaves, chaste tree seeds, grains of paradise, ribwort, yarrow, elderflowers, blue fenugreek, bay leaves

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Variante der Wilden 13

140gr in bag, 70gr in jar

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